Grand Prize Winner
2013 Nautilus Book Awards

The award-winning
A Beautiful Medicine…

A Beautiful Medicine is a fresh and often startling look at the core of health, healing, and spirituality. It goes beyond the basics of nutrition and exercise into the psychological and spiritual aspects of our lives. If most health books are about which cars are the best to drive, A Beautiful Medicine offers driving lessons.
More than one noted author has said that after reading this book, you will never look at your health and well being in the same way again.


LEAP Life Coaching

In the space between birth and death, run the rivers of our pleasure and the

rivers of our discontent.
How do we find
—during our brief, precious time on this planet—
the source of our deep gladness?
How do we make a difference?
How do we live fulfilled?
How do we speak so that, in our presence,
our loved ones think,
“I love who I become when I’m with you?”

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